Eastern Trophies flies are all hand tied with premium materials and Umpqua hooks. Our patterns are specially designed for the local waters that we regularly guide and fish. They also produce very well at other trout locations thoughout the United States. Our flies can be purchased individually or as selections from our catalog.

Here's How We Do It

After having numerous trout take our indicators on the North Branch of the Potomac River, we decided it was time to get even. We tied this pattern for an indicator, and the results were amazing. It had so many strikes, we started using it exclusively when the fish were very active on the surface. It is a very buoyant fly. Tying a nymph about a foot off of the hook bend is a great way to cover the water column. The orange bottom, orange legs and elk/deer hair wing make a deadly pattern.

Order the Wasp from our catalog.

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Tie the thread to the hook shank and wrap it until you get directly above the hook barb. You may wish to tie in some crystal flash or other attractive material.

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